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Order today and get a Massive Marketing and promotions eBook package worth over $500!   Why is this a great FREE offer?  Why spend hundreds of dollars buying  every marketing software or ebook offer that comes across your computer screen? Why spend hundreds of hours searching the Internet for Marketing and Promotion tools and information?   


This is an amazing value - I got the hosting package I really needed without being sold a lot of junk I didn't want!  Thanks - Erika Bends

BonzaiHost.com is a  full-service hosting firm providing all your hosting needs under one roof!   

Since its foundation BonzaiHost.com has always had the goal of emphasizing  support, availability, technology and value.  Join the family today!

This web hosting account is used because of it's rich features. The Gold plan comes complete with 60 Megs of Storage and 2 Gigs of Transfer all for $9.95 per month! 

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