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Q: How do I upload files to my account?
A: In your FTP client, specify the following settings:
Hostname: serveraddress.com (replace this with hostname of the server you are on; this information is included with your welcome mail)
Username: username@domain.com (replace "username" with your actual username, and "domain.com" with your domain name)
Password: your password (this should be replaced with your actual password).  

Simply the following is all you need to use an FTP Client:

FTP URL, Username for your server, Password for your server > This should open up your site.

Some good FTP Clients are AceFTP, CuteFTP or FlashFTP.

After you logged into your FTP area, you should see a folder called "httpdocs" - upload files into that folder, and you should be able to view uploaded content at http://domain.com (replace "domain.com" with your actual domain name), or at http://serveraddress.com/~username/ (replacing those with real values)

Q: How do I access my control panel?
A: You should be able to login into your control panel by typing "http://serveraddress.com/cpanel" (replace with real server name) in your browser. Use your actual username and password to login.

OR you can login to your account here:  http://www.BonzaiHost.com.com/cpanel and enter your username and password for your hosting account.

Q: What email settings should I use for my pop3/smtp mail accounts?
A: In your mail client settings, use the following values to access your pop3/smtp account:
SMTP Mail Server: the server name of your account (included in welcome mail)
POP3 Mail server: the server name of your account (included in welcome mail)
POP3 Mail Account (Username): username@domain.com (your "username" at "your domain")
POP3 Mail Password: the password you used to create email account from control panel

Domain names

Q: What are the servre's Domain Name Servers (DNS) to point my domain to?
A: ns1.BonzaiHost.com.com   and ns2.BonzaiHost.com.com

Q: I have transferred my domain on your name servers - how long does it take for it to start working?
A: Usually it may take up to 24-48 hours, however with recent changes for most domains it takes about 4 hours.

Q: My domain still does not work, but I want to view my website already
A: You may view your website by pointing your browser to "http://serveraddress.com/~username/" (replace "serveraddress.com" with the server's hostname you reside on, and "username" with your actual username).

CGI Scripts

Q: My script does not work, how do I identify the problem?
A: Login into your control panel, go to the "Logs/Stats" section, and click on "Error log". There you will be able to see error log for your domain.

Q: My Perl script instruction says I should set "777" permissions on the file, but that does not work.
A: Scripts under your account run with privileges of your username. We highly suggest that you avoid using "777" permissions on your perl scripts, and use "755" instead.


Q: How do I login into webmail?
A: Visit "http://serveraddress.com/webmail" (replace this with real server name you are on), and login with mail account's credentials.

Q: I want SSH access for my account, how do I get it?
A: By default, we disable SSH access to your account due to security reasons. You may however request for such access by e-mailing us.

Thank You!
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